GelatinHindi Name: जिलेटिन

Gelatin is flavorless, colorless setting agent derived from collagen by boiling bones, skin and tendons of animals. It is available in sheets, powder form or in a granulated form which may be flavored. Gelatin needs to be softened before it can be used by soaking it in cold water for a few minutes.


Summer invites salads and desserts made using gelatin e.g. trifles, marshmallows. Jams, cream cheese, yogurt and margarine use gelatin to thicken and stabilize. Certain cold soups also use gelatin.


Isinglass: The extracts from certain fish air bladders.

Carrageen: Derived form seaweed which grows off the coast of Ireland.

Agar: Also called agar-agar, it has strong setting properties. It is a dried Japanese seaweed.

Pectin: Fruit and vegetable extracts or prepared from fish bones.

Health benefits: Gelatin is said to increase bone health.

Did you know?
Professional swimmers sometimes use it to keep hair properly while in competition.

Recipes using Gelatin

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