GherkinsHindi Name: Tundli/Kundru

Gherkins belongs to the same family as cucumbers with a savory pickled flavor. They look like miniature cucumbers. They are usually consumed after being pickled with vinegar and herbs. Bright green in color and their length varies from 4 to 8 cm. They are known to have originated in West Indies. Gherkins may be used in salads and sandwiches because of their refreshing flavor.


They are served cold since cooking makes them lose their flavor. The pickled ones are smaller than 4 cm since the longer ones are bitter to taste and spiny. They are mostly used in sandwiches, hot dogs, other savory breads, salads and stir fries. If soaked in sugar syrups, sweet gherkin pickles can be made.

Gherkins are best at their tender age. the matured ones become bitter and spiny.

Nutritional Value

Gherkins have lot fat and cholesterol but have a high content of sodium.
the abundant potassium content in gherkins aids in the regulation of blood pressure level.

Did you know?

They are also known as horned cucumbers.
A London skyscraper is nicknamed gherkin due to its resemblance to the fruit.

Recipes using Gherkins

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