Green Peas(मटर)

Green PeasHindi Name: मटर

Small green pods grown in winter months, green peas are sweet fruits where each pod contains a number of peas. Though botanically a fruit, it is commonly used as a vegetable. Boiling or steaming makes them sweeter.


There are three types of commonly eaten peas: Garden peas: Rounded pods with a slightly curved shape. They have a smooth texture. Rounded peas are sweet and starch in taste. Snow peas: Flatter and shiny than garden peas. They are the sweetest variety and most tender. Snap peas: Cross between the garden and snow pea variety. This variety has plum round peas with a crispy texture. They are usually consumed at a tender age.


Peas can be made as a vegetable, used in fillings like parantha or even sautéed to be eaten as a snack. Salted dried peas salted are also eaten as a popular snack. Soups and stir fries also use peas as an essential condiment. However, they are sweet enough to be enjoyed raw, without any preparation.

It is important to buy firm pods which are smooth and are in green color. Do not wash before storing and shell just before using.

Nutritional Value

1. Green peas have a high content of dietary fiber and Vitamins B6 and K.
2. They are also a good source of folic acid.
3. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of green peas reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Did you know?

Dried peas were a staple food in the Middle Ages where the fresh variety was a delicacy.
Brazilians love peas as a pizza topping.

Recipes using Green Peas

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