HaddockHindi Name: Surmai

A salt water fish that is a popular food and widely fished commercially for its demand in the market. It belongs to the cod family. It is very popular for its flaxy and clean texture. It is sold fresh, smoked, frozen, dried or canned. In many popular cuisines, haddock is substituted for Atlantic cod.


Haddock is one of the most popular fish that is used in preparing the famous British fish and chips. It has a clean white flesh and since it does not salt well, it is preserved by smoking or drying.

Freshness of a haddock is determined by the way it holds together. Younger fillets are translucent, while the older ones turn chalky by time.

Haddock’s flesh has a slightly sweet taste and its smooth texture is very mouth appealing. The raw meat is white which turns whiter upon cooking.

Nutritional Value

1. It is an excellent source of protein that is low fat and low calorie.
2. It is very rich in vitamin B content that is essential for a good metabolism.
3. Being rich in minerals, haddock is very helpful for good bone strength.
4. All fishes have some amount of mercury in them. Haddock relatively has lower levels of mercury and are therefore regarded safer.

Recipes using Haddock

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