Husked Green Gram(धुली मूंग)

Husked Green GramHindi Name: धुली मूंग

It is a yellow colored dried form of green gram that is obtained by removing its green skin. It is mostly used in Indian cuisine as a pulse that is cooked by adding spices. The lentils are small, ovoid in shape, and green in color. They have a mild taste. Unlike green grams that can be sprouted and consumed, husked gram can only be cooked. Cooked with minimal spices, it is often given to patients as it is easily digestible. In some parts of the country it is also used to make a sweet dish and consumed like a dessert at it helps maintain a healthy bowel movement.


The gram roasted and simply salted is a favorite snack. It can be prepared as a dal, soup or puree, khichdi, vadas and stuffing.

The grams are soaked in water overnight for making grounding them into a fine paste. The paste is blended with ginger and salt to make hot pancakes. These pancakes are a very popular snack in south India.

Nutritional Value

It is a good source of dietary fiber, low in fat and rich in minerals. It also doesn't cause flatulence associated with other pulses. It promotes overall health and is often served to sick people.

Since the green cover is removed for the gram, there is a loss of fiber content.

Recipes using Husked Green Gram

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