Icing Sugar(Confectioner's Sugar)

Hindi Name: Confectioner's Sugar

Also known as confectioner's sugar, it is prepared by grinding white sugar into a very fine powder. Sometimes, it is blended with corn flour for a finer texture.

Icing sugar is a handy ingredient used while making cakes and bakery products. It is used for icing and frosting over desserts. For its ability to easily dissolve in water, it comes handy while preparing juices, milkshakes or any cold beverages. During industrial food production, icing sugar is used where there is a need for quick dissolving sugar.


It is used as icing and frosting on cakes, pies, pastries and in drinks. Fondants for various cakes are made using icing sugar. One can easily prepare icing sugar at home by grinding normal granulated sugar. It is important to sieve the powdered sugar to avoid any lumps.

Did you know?

Snow powder or snow sugar is non-melting variety of confectioner’s sugar. It is used for its retaining structure when dusted over cakes and pastries that involve refrigeration.

Recipes using Icing Sugar

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