Lamb Meat(Bhed Ka Gosht)

Lamb MeatHindi Name: Bhed Ka Gosht

Lamb meat is the meat of a sheep who is younger than 12 months of age. Lambs are sorted into three kinds of meat. First is the forequarter which includes the neck, front legs and the ribs upto the shoulder blade. The hindquarter includes the rear legs and hips. The loin includes the ribs between the two.

This meat generally is more tender than that from older sheep. Meat from sheep is prominent in several cuisines of the Mediterranean. The mild flavour of lamb is preferred in most Western countries.

Types of Lamb Meat

1. Baby Lamb - This lamb is a milk fed lamb and is less than 10 weeks old. It weighs around 20 pounds and is usually roasted.

2.Spring or Easter Lamb - This lamb is usually spit (a long rod used to hold the food while it is being cooked over a fire or roasted in an oven) roasted and weighs around 20-40 pound.

3.Lamb- This type of lamb can be cooked in different ways and is 5 months to 1 year old.

Nutritional Value

Lamb meat is rich in proteins and contains vitamin B which is essential for metabolism in our body. It contains various minerals like zinc, magnessium and selenium which is essential for growth and promotes a healthy immune system.

Recipes using Lamb Meat

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