Lotus Seeds(मखाना)

Lotus SeedsHindi Name: मखाना

Makhana is a plant also known as Euryale Fox native to Eastern Asia. It produces white seeds which are edible. In India, especially in Punjab and Eastern parts, it is often roasted and fried. They are also considered pious in many cultures.


The edible starchy white seeds are eaten either raw or cooked. In India, the seeds are roasted or fried that makes them pop like pop-corn. Oil and spice are then sprinkled upon them and eaten fondly.

Makhana is also used in various puddings and milk based sweets.

Nutritional Value

These seeds are low in cholesterol, fats and sodium. It helps to control blood pressure and prevents constipation. It is very beneficial for diabetic patients as it reduces the blood sugar level and is also used to treat insomnia. It is packed with loaded with calcium, phosphorous, kerotine, iron, zinc, and vitamin B.

They make for a light snack to satisfy your mid meal cravings. Makhana kheer is another way of preparing these as a dessert. It is interesting to know that makhana is being used in Chinese medicine for over 3000 years now.

Recipes using Lotus Seeds

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