MarshmallowHindi Name: मार्शमैलो

The marshmallow consists of sugar or corn syrup, beaten egg whites and gelatin that is pre-softened in water, gum arabic and other flavorings. All this is whipped to a spongy consistency. Originally it was a sweet made from the root of plant by this name.

Marshmallow is a food rich in sugar that has a very spongy texture. China is the largest marshmallow producer in Asia. In America marshmallows are often roasted during camping over an open flame.

Are they healthy?
Yes! Marshmallows are healthy as they help to prevent constipation and ulcers. It increases our immune system and helps to fight various infections. It maintains a healthy blood sugar level and is suitable for those people who are suffering from asthema, diarrhea or artheritis. Who would have thought?

Did you know?
Americans buy 90 pounds of marshmallows every year.
More than 50% of marshmallows sold are roasted over the fire every year.
In USA there are even marshmallow sofas and chairs.

Recipes using Marshmallow

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