Marzipan(बादाम का पेस्ट)

MarzipanHindi Name: बादाम का पेस्ट

Marzipan is a thick paste made from grounded almonds, eggs, sugar or honey. It is often rolled into thin sheets and is used for icing the cake. It is used to create shapes and is made out from almonds paste and is mixed with sugar and egg white.


In Italy, marzipan is made into different shapes and painted with food colorings. It is very popularly used during the Christmas season.

Nutritional Value

Marzipan is a source of vitamin E as it is made out of almonds. It protects our body from radical damage and has a high content of antioxidants. It is very beneficial for pregnant ladies as it prevents birth defect in spinal cord.

Did you know?

Marzipan needs to have certain content of nuts before it is called marzipan. It can easily be shaped and colored to create different edible decorations.

Recipes using Marzipan

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