MayonnaiseHindi Name: मेयोनेज़

It is a thick creamy sauce that is made by blending oil and eggs. It is used as a popular sandwich spread, salad dressing or also used as sauce bases. It can be white, cream or yellow in colour. The texture may vary from light cream to thick.

In countries dominated by French culture, mustard is also added. However it turns the sauce into a remoulade, with mustard acting as an additional emulsifier. In Spain, olive oil is added and mustard is completely discarded.


Mayonnaise is used in diverse ways in different cultures and cuisines. It is mostly used as a dipping along with fried foods like fries, pomme frites or chips. It is also used to make chilled sauces and as a salad dressing. In Japan, a small amount of MSG is added in the preparation that gives it a different taste.

In Russia, mayonnaise is made with sunflower seed oil that gives it a distinctive flavor. In many European countries, it is available in many flavors.

Nutritional Value

Mayonnaise is a high fat food and is therefore avoided by people who are watching their weight and cholesterol levels. It is 60% fat and contains a lot of cholesterol. Its fiber content is almost minimal. It has 1g of vitamin A and no other vitamins and minerals.

Did you know?

In Russia, bottled mayonnaise is sold in more volumes than ketchup!

Recipes using Mayonnaise

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