Meat Stock(मीट स्टॉक)

Meat StockHindi Name: मीट स्टॉक

Meat stock is nothing more than meat flavored broth but can provide character to many dishes since it comes loaded with flavor. It is used as a base for many dishes, commonly soup, sauces and marinades. A very useful ingredient, its versatility makes it an ingredient in myriad recipes.

Preparation: In comparison to store bought stock, home made is often better than market wares, doesn't contain excess salt and is easy to prepare! Simply place meat, bones, herbs and vegetables (optional) in a saucepan, add enough water to cover bones and let it simmer! After 5-6 hours, strain the stock and it's ready for use.

Uses: Frozen stock can be kept for future use or fresh stock as a soup base. Portions of meat stock is also used to deglaze pans, flavor other foods or as a thin sauce.

Types of Stock

Chicken Stock: Ideally to be cooked for 3-4 hours

Fish stock: Ideally to be cooked for 20-15 minutes, it is made using fish bones and finely chopped mirepoix.

Ham stock: Made using ham hocks, it is a repeated ingredient in cajun cooking.

Lamb stock: Ideally cooked for 5 hours, lamb jus is made with chicken stock and lamb bones.

Veal stock: Ideally needs to be cooked for 8 hours

Prawn stock: A common ingredient in South East Asian cusine, it is prepared using prawn shells.

Does stock have any health benefits?

Along with being an excellent source of minerals, it enhances immunity and improves digestion. It contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, supports joints and improves bone and tooth health.

Did you know?

Mirepoix is actually a mixture of onions, carrots, celery and other vegetables which include undesirable parts like peels or ends, is often used to impart more flavor to stock.

A bouquet game or literally a bag of herbs is a combination of common herbs such as thyme, parsley and bay which is put in a sachet in the broth to impart full flavor.

Recipes using Meat Stock

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