Mullet(Andaware Machchli)

MulletHindi Name: Andaware Machchli

Mullets are ray finned fish found around the world in tropical and coastal areas. There are more than 80 types of mullet. There are grey mullets, yellow-eyed mullets and red mullets. Most commercially harvested mullet species are striped and white mullet. Mullets have been a delicacy in the Mediterranean Europe since Roman times.

The fish has a dark silvery textured skin with a strong flavour. It can be eaten either grilled or pan-fried. It is also best suitable for marinating.

Nutritional Value

Along with reducing blood pressure, it also aids joint health and is a definite mood lifter for a glum day. Like any other seafood, mullet is also high in calories. It also has good sodium content.

Did you know?

Mullet often jump out of the water in their large schools, thus the name jumping mullet.
In many popular cultures, mullet is considered a vegetarian food.

Recipes using Mullet

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