MuttonHindi Name: मटन

It is the meat of an adult domestic sheep or a goat. A sheep less than a year old is butchered to get lamb, an adolescent sheep meat is called hogget and an adult sheep or goat gives mutton. Mutton is tougher and has a stronger flavor than lamb. Goat meat from young animals is called kid. There are many cuts of the mutton, with its liver, lungs, heart and testicles being delicacies.

It has a richer flavor and can be tough unless cooked properly. It requires slow cooking on low heat (dum style) to retain its moisture, juices and tenderness. It is called a red meat as it is reddish in color when raw.


Mutton has a chewy texture. It has a strong fibery taste. It can be made into Indian mutton curries and stews. Fried, baked and roasted mutton chops are also used to make cutlets, kebabs, burgers and koftas.

Tip: Good mutton has firm, white fat and a pink or pale red color. Marbled mutton tends to be more tender and flavorsome when cooked.

Nutritional Value

Mutton is a good source of protein and minerals. Though a red meat it has a lower content of cholesterol and fat when compared to beef and lamb. However its consumption should be done in regulation due to undesirable fat content. The essential amino acids present in goat meat helps maintain cardiovascular health. It also helps build up the immune system and cell growth.

Recipes using Mutton

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