Organic Chicken

Organic Chicken Organic chicken are those that are fed only certified organic feed. It is prohibited to inject the chickens with any kind of drugs or antibiotics. Chicken raised organically must have outdoor access for it to develop muscles.

This type of chicken is raised ethically, humanely and is free of chemicals. They are also allowed to free range instead of being congested in henhouses. They are not given any kind of antibiotics or growth hormones. Even after they are killed, no chemical additive is introduced in to the meat.

Organic chicken is also thought to taste better as they are given a natural diet instead of synthetic reads that help them grow at a natural pace. Slow growing chickens are healthier as they do not suffer ailments due to excess body weight. For their superior quality and meat, organic chicken costs twice as much as the conventional chicken.

Nutritional Value

Organic chicken has less fat as compared to non-organic. It has polyunsaturated fats that help lower cholesterol level. One can confuse organic chicken with free range chicken because both are allowed to roam around for their food. So remember that non organic chicken is not fed organic feed and may have growth drugs in them.

Did you know?

An organic chicken is free-range; but a free range chicken is not always organic!

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