PaanHindi Name: पान

The word paan has been derived from a Sanskrit word 'parna' .It is a mouth freshener popular mostly in North India and is usually had after a heavy meal.It basically contains areca nut, sweetened coconut, rose petal jam, camphor, roasted fennel seeds, cashew and many other things depending on the person's preference and all this is wrapped in a betel leaf.

In olden days women used to chew paan to acquire red color on their lips. Paan use to act as a substitute for lipsticks!

Health Effects

The leaf of paan has the abilities to prevent and treat heart diseases related to platelets and inflammation. Having one betel leaf everyday is very healthy. Also it prevents degeneration of cells and acts as a stress buster. Beetle leaf eaten mostly after a meal as it is said to have digestive qualities.

Chewing paan with powdered tobacco can have adverse health affects like gum damage, tooth decay and oral cancer.

Types of Paan

Meetha Paan: This paan has a sweet taste and and contains coconut, fruit preserves, gulkand and sweetened cherry wrapped in a betel leaf.

Tambaku Paan: This paan has a high content of tobacco and spices wrapped in a betel leaf.

Paan Supari: This paan has a high content of ground areca nuts and spices wrapped in a betel leaf.

Trento Paan: This is a mint flavoured paan and is served with potatoes.

Recipes using Paan

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