PlumHindi Name: आलूबुखारा

Red or dark red round fruit with a stone, which is sweet but the skin and around the stone is very sour. Mature plums have a dusty-white coating that gives them a glaucous appearance; this can easily be rubbed off though. Dried plums are sometimes known as prunes. They are also called as 'drupes' fruits with a hard stone pit surrounding the seed.

Though plums are produced all over the world, China is its largest producer. Though most commonly found plums are red and purple in color, one can find the fruit with green, yellow or amber skin too.


Plums' taste ranges from sweet to tarty. Being very juicy, the fruit is either eaten fresh or made into jams and cakes. In some countries, plum juice is fermented to make plum wine.

Dried plums or prunes are also sweet and juicy. Salted dried plums are popularly eaten as a snack. Prune puree is also used as a filling while making pastries.

Nutritional Value

Plums have a high content of antioxidants. It helps in better digestion and also contains vitamin C which helps the body develop resistance against harmful infections. It is also a source of vitamin A which is great for the eyes and prevents lung cancer. It has high amount of mineral content like potassium, iron, flouride which help to control the heart rate and blood pressure. Dried plums are known to contain several antioxidants.

Did you know?

There are over 140 varieties of plums sold in the U.S.

Plums are closely related to peaches and apricots.

Recipes using Plum

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