PotatoesHindi Name: Aloo

Potato, a starchy crop, is considered as the world’s favorite root crop. It is the swollen portion of the underground stem. It is a versatile vegetable all over the world and has around 5000 varieties. Its oldest cultivation is known to be in Peru. The outer skin is usually brown or yellow, while the flesh is white or yellow. Potatoes usually have a neutral starchy flavor for which they complement to many meals.

Do not store potatoes in the refrigerator as they would turn brown and its taste will falter. Store them in a cool, dark place. Potatoes are a staple in many countries and are regarded as comfort food because they are very easy to cook.

Types and Usage

Some of the popular varieties of mature potatoes are Russet Burbank, White rose and Katahdin. They are mostly brown in color but can be red or yellow as well. Sometimes even purple-grey variety can be found, though they are not very common. They can be skinned or peeled, used whole or can be cut up, consumed with minimal taste enhancers or made into savory dishes.

Its uses are numerous and vary tremendously in different countries. For consumption, you can make it into vegetable dishes, snacks, stuffing or filling, starters and chutneys. In some countries they are even used to brew alcoholic beverages.

Nutritional Value

1. It is also a good source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, copper, potassium, manganese, and dietary fiber.
2. The phytonutrients that are present in potatoes act as powerful antioxidants.
3. It contains a compound called kukoamines that has a blood pressure lowering potential.
4. It has a high concentration of vitamin B6 that is important for promoting cell and nervous system activity and protects against cardiovascular diseases.
5. It is best known for its carbohydrate content in the form of starch.

6. The potato skin is the most nutritional part of the vegetable it contains a lot of dietary fiber.

Note: Potatoes are mostly consumed after the skin is removed, though most of the fiber content of potato is in its skin.

Did you know?

In 1995, potato plants were taken into space with the space shuttle Columbia. This marked the first time any food was ever grown in space.

Applying potato juice on skin helps to get rid of blemishes.

Recipes using Potatoes

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