PrawnsHindi Name: झींगा

Prawns are shrimp-like seafood that are 3-5 cm in length. For those who love eating seafood, prawns are a treat. They are of two kinds, there are the smaller ones and the bigger ones that are called tiger Prawns or jumbo prawns.

Though shrimp and prawns are addressed to the same of crustaceans, shrimps are the smaller ones. However, during the recent times, prawns are only signified as the freshwater beings while shrimps are the marine forms.


Like any other seafood, prawns can also be cooked in a varied number ways. They can be grilled, broiled, fried, or steamed. You can either cook them with the vein or without it based on personal choice and taste. Similarly it can be cooked with or without the shell. They are used to make savory dishes that form a part of the main course.

Tip: frozen prawns take a lot of time to defrost and may not be as tasty as fresh prawns.

Nutritional Value

1. Prawns are rich source of Selenium that prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body.
2. Like fish, they are also a rich source of Omega 3 Fatty acids which is very good for heart and help in reducing cholesterol level and prevents heart diseases.
3. They are also helpful for healthy boned and teeth because they are rich in calcium.
4. It contains vitamin E and so is very good for skin. And the presence of Vitamin B makes it a helpful food source for good memory and cardiac health.

Did you know?

In many parts of the world, sucking the brain part of the prawn is considered a delicacy.

Recipes using Prawns

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