Finger Millet(रागी)

Finger MilletHindi Name: रागी

An extremely nutritious grain pound into very popular flour, ragi is a green tiny seed which is like a grain when raw. It is available round the year and is largely consumed in Africa and Asia. They are roasted to prepare a quick snack.


Ragi is grounded to make flour used to prepare roti's which can simply be eaten for their flavor. It is also used to make idli, halwa, bread, porridge dosa, upma and many other dishes. Roasted ragi is used to make ladoos or adai. It can also be prepared as a paste flavored with fruits or nuts.

In India, Ragi flour is made into flatbreads like dosa or roti. It is sometimes consumed in the form of ragi balls and is the staple diet of majority of people from south of Karnataka. In Vietnam, it is used as a medicine for women during pregnancy. In some parts of India, it is also used to make badi, a kind of halwa without sugar.

Nutritional Value

1. It is rich in calcium, fiber, protein and iron and is therefore very important for a healthy bone development and to balance glucose levels and the blood.
2. It is rich in dietary fiber and therefore is very good for aiding weight.
3. Ragi has protein, minerals and is often fed to infants as porridge or ragi milk.
4. It contains the amino acids that help decrease blood cholesterol levels.
5. Being rich in iron, it is very helpful in the cure of anemia.
6. It also regulates cholesterol and can be used to treat diabetes.
7. Regular consumption of ragi can help in eradicating malnutrition and treating several degenerative diseases.

Did you know?

In Tamil Nadu, ragi is considered to the holy food of Amman, an embodiment of Goddess Kaali.

Recipes using Finger Millet

  • Recipe of Ragi Coconut Ladoo (Laddu)

    Ragi Coconut Ladoo (Ragi Coconut Laddu) is an immensely popular dish found in India. It is nutritionally rich due to the high protein and mineral value present in its main ingredient, Ragi. Finger Millets or ragi is grown in the Himalayas and are usually inter-cropped with peanuts. Here's a yummy ladoo recipe from the wholesome, healthy produce wit...
    Recipe Ingredients: ragi, desiccated coconut, jaggery, Peanuts, Salt
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