Rose Water(गुलाब जल)

Rose WaterHindi Name: गुलाब जल

Essence extracted from small deep red roses grown for their fragrance is mixed with water to make rose water. The liquid that is a remainder after rose petals are distilled with water to make rose oil is turned into rose water.


Meats are infused with the essence for a different aromatic experience aside from it being the primary flavor in many sweet dishes e.g. baklava, marzipan, apple pie filling, custard sauce or honey cake. Candied rose petals are used in decorating baked goods.
It also imparts a brilliant flavor when substitutes for vanilla in sponge cakes, pound cakes, or shortbread cookies. Rose water flavored tea is very famous in Iran.

Health benefits

Rose water is often used to refresh skin, and is an component in eye cleansing drops. It is also used extensively in aromatherapy and is considered to have anti-bacterial properties.

Did you know?

Rose water is excellent tonic for the hair.

Recipes using Rose Water

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