Sea Salt(नमक)

Sea SaltHindi Name: नमक

As the name suggests, sea salt is obtained from the sea after the water evaporates. The salt is initially in a crystallized form, which can be ground as well. It has a distinctive taste of the sea and its crystalline flakes are popularly used in a variety of savoury dishes. In case you use sea salt instead of normal table salt, then must use a lesser quantity.

Sea salt is available as crystalline flakes, chunky crystals, and also in granulated form. It is considered to be the premier salt for cooking food. It is also known as solar salt and bay salt. As it is obtained from the sea, the production of sea salt dates back to pre-historic times. It generally costs more than ordinary table salt.


In Korea, salt is roasted at extremely high temperatures in a bamboo container which enables the salt to absorb minerals from the bamboo and the salt. Iodine which is highly essential for human health is found only in sea salt.

Sea salt baths are known for relieving muscle tension or for simply relaxing and enjoying a rejuvenating experience. Sea salt baths are famous for their relaxing effect and provide a variety of minerals for the skin.

Sea salt is also used in many ancient Asian healing arts as a cleansing tool as it has the ability to absorb heaviness and negativity from the body and the environment. It can be added to the water which is used for sweeping the house.

Nutritional Value

There is little or no extra health benefit obtained from consuming sea salt as opposed to normal table salt, as they are both primarily sodium chloride. But the presence of titanium, cobalt and lead in synthetic salt is much higher than found in sea salt. Sea salt is definitely preferable as it is a natural source of salt.

Recipes using Sea Salt

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