Soy Milk(सोया मिल्क)

Soy MilkHindi Name: सोया मिल्क

Soy milk is a very nutritious and made from soaking, grinding and then boiling soy beans with water. It is naturally high in fatty acids, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are known to provide energy and maintain bodily functions. It contains as the same proportion of protein as cow's milk. Soy milk can be prepared at home with traditional kitchen tools or with a soy milk machine. It is commonly available in vanilla and chocolate flavours as well as its original unflavoured form. It is slightly sweet, also beany and gritty in taste.


It is used as an alternative to cow's milk. It is also used in making soy yogurt, soy cream, and soy based cheese. Tofu is also produced from soy milk by further steps of curdling and then draining. It is a milk substitue for people who are lactose intolerant and cannot consume cow's milk. Also a great option for people who are vegan i.e do not consume any dairy products.

Nutritional Value

1. Soy milk is an excellent source of protein and vitamin B but it is not a rich source of calcium. This is why most soy milk products are fortified with calcium.

3. Soy milk is also very helpful in constipation and diarrhea. It is light and easier to digest.

4. Most soy milk products are sweetened which can be a cause of extra calories. You can even opt for the plain, unsweetened versions.

5. Soy milk fat is unsaturated with zero cholesterol. This helps in improving the blood lipid profile and maintain healthy heart functions.

6. It is lower in sugar and fat than regular cow's milk. Therefore it is great for your weight loss regime. It is full of fiber and imparts the feeling of being full for a longer time.

7. Phytosterols in soy milk are know to lower the risk of developing prostate cancer in men.

Recipes using Soy Milk

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