SugarHindi Name: चीनी/शक्कर

A white sweet crystal made primarily from sugar cane or sugar beets. It can also be produced from maple tree or certain palm trees. It is a type of carbohydrate which has replaced the traditional honey as a sweetener. It enhances the taste, structure, texture and appearance of many dishes, especially baked. It is a carbohydrate made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Sugar is found in the tissues of most plants, but is present in sufficient quantity for extraction only in sugarcane and sugar beet. Granulated or white sugar is most popularly used, though castor [superfine] sugar dissolves better in baking.


Golden castor sugar: Golden color warm sugar that is commonly used in sponged.

Raw sugar: Dark golden with a very intense flavor, it has a coarse texture.

Light brown soft sugar: Rich full flavor which is popular in fruit cakes and puddings.

Dark brown soft sugar: Similar to light brown sugar but with a more intense flavor.

Muscovado sugar: Unrefined sugar with treacle like flavor, used in making ginger breads.

Granulated sugar: White crystals good for all recipes.

Caster sugar: powdered finer than granules, it dissolves more easily and is used in more baking recipes.

Icing sugar: Fine powder with a smooth texture used in many desserts.


Sugar is used as a sweetener, dissolved to make syrups, used to retain color in foods and also give a crispy texture. It is used in shortening, to impart color, preserve foods and prevent lumping. It lends tenderness to dough's and provides stability to mixtures. It is an indispensable ingredient for bakers.

Nutritional Value

Sugar is a great energy store but excess consumption is very harmful for the body. It can imbalance the endocrine system, cause dental deterioration, and contribute to heart diseases and excess weight.


Recipes using Sugar

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