VinegarHindi Name: सिरका

An ingredient originating from French cuisine, its name when translated means sour wine. Good vinegar is characterized by a light delicate slightly pungent taste and bright clear liquid. White vinegar is produced by distilling alcohol or may be a combination of acetic acid and salt dissolved water.


White vinegar: The clear variety is the most commonly used, with a tangy taste.
Apple cider vinegar: With a brownish-gold color, it has a very acidic flavor and is often sweetened when used.
Balsamic: It is produced using white grapes, has a very pleasant aroma with a dark brown color and has a rich sweet flavor. The aged balsamic is the best
Beer vinegar: Having a malty profile, the taste depends on the beer used to produce it, normally has a light golden flavor.
Cane: With a yellowish-golden color, it has a mellow flavor with a fresh taste and is not as sweet as other vinegar.
Coconut: Made using fermented coconut water, it is a cloudy white liquid with a acidic taste.
Rice vinegar: With a red, black and yellow variety, it has a mild acidic flavor and may be sweetened or flavored with other spices.
Wine vinegar: A blend of wines is used to produce wine vinegar and is often infused with other spices to bring out the sweetness of fruit.
Other varieties also include: Malt vinegar, raisin vinegar, sherry vinegar, sinamak vinegar, spirit vinegar, palm vinegar, kombucha vinegar, kiwifruit vinegar, honey vinegar, fruit vinegar, flavored vinegar, East Asian black vinegar, date vinegar and distilled vinegar.


Adds zest to fruits, tenderizes and adds flavors in marinades, can be used to substitute lemon juice in savory and sweet dishes and also acts as a preserving agent in chutneys. Vinegar is most importantly used for pickling and helps vegetables keep their color when being cooked. It's used makes pasta less sticky and can keep frosting from sugaring. It is an ingredient in ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces can help make rice better when added to boiling water and can reduce the saltiness of a dish.

Nutritional Value

Vinegar has a variety of health benefits as it heals sunburns and acts as an antiseptic for cuts. It can eliminate bad breath and has no bad effects. It is used as a cure for arthritis. It helps with the digestive function, bad cholesterol and prevents ulcers.

How to Store

Vinegar is acidic and should not be stored in any metal container made of tin, copper, brass or iron to avoid corrosion and leaching. It is best stored in a glass bottle and must be stored in a cool dark place or should be refrigerated. Ensure that the lid is tightly closed when not in use.

Did you know?

Apple cider vinegar helps reduce food cravings.
Vinegar can cure infection due to swimmer's ears.
The use of vinegar dates back 10,000 years.
The international vinegar museum is in Roslyn, North Dakota and they even host The International Vinegar Festival every June.

Recipes using Vinegar

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