Whole Brown Lentils(साबूत मसूर दाल)

Hindi Name: साबूत मसूर दाल

Belonging to the Lentil family, sabut masoor dal are round flat lentils, in dark brown colour and have an orange interior. Unlike most lentil variety seeds, these Egyptian lentils don't require much soaking and are cooked in a short time.

Masoor Dal is used in a variety of ways- one can relish it with rice, rotis and even bread. Or it can simply be used as a condiment in soups.

Also known as 'kali masoor ki dal', this lentil variety is a perfect protein food for vegetarians. It provides most of the nutrients that meat offers.

Rice, when prepared with whole masoor dal and other pulses is called khichdi, a very popular recipe in the Indian subcontinent.

Despite its high nutritional content, masoor dal is not a popular household dal. It is frequently not used as an ingredient or a condiment. It usually doesn't require soaking and cooks quickly. The dal preparation should be pressure cooked till done but not mushy.

Nutritional Value

Like its other family members, Masoor dal has high protein and fiber content.

It also helps in removing bad cholesterol from the body.

These Egyptian lentils are high antioxidants.

Masoor Dal helps increase energy levels by restoring calcium and iron content.

Did you know?

Canada is the top producer of Masoor dal.

It is believed that Masoor dal has been under cultivation since 11000B.C by Greeks.

Recipes using Whole Brown Lentils

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