YogurtHindi Name: Dahi

Yogurt is also known as dahi in India. It is a fermented milk product which is known for it's subtle taste and consistency. Yogurt (curd) is used during many auspicious occasions in India. It is sold sweetened and flavored and can be served with various kinds of fruit. A well-known accompaniment with Indian meals, curd is also used widely for marination of chicken and meat.

Nutritional value

1. Yogurt is a very healthy fermented milk product as it is more easy to digest than milk. It improves our immunity and is a very good source of calcium.
2. It can also reduce the level of cholesterol in one's body.
3. A new research reveals that probiotics found in natural yogurt could help boost a person's mood because they affect brain function.
4. Yogurt enhances the production of hydrochloric acid in our stomach, which in turn improves our digestion, mineral and vitamin absorption.
5. Yogurt also protects women from vaginal and bladder infections.
6. Yogurt is rich in vitamin D and calcium. It helps prevent against diseases like osteoporosis.


Yogurt helps in balancing cholesterol levels. Yogurt used as face pack is very beneficial to the skin. It evens skin tone, lightens freckles, tightens skin pores and also cleanses skin. Yogurt is effective in soothing the pain caused by sunburn. It can be used as a healthy replacement to cream cheese in many recipes, like that of cheesecake and healthy piecrust.

Did you know?

Since 5500 years yogurt is being consumed in the world. In Punjab people usually have yogurt before exams as they believe that it will bring success to them. Yogurt is often used as a substitute for ice-cream as it contains lesser calories.

How to make yogurt at home?

You will need
2 1/2 cups milk
1 tsp yoghurt (as a starter)


Boil the milk and transfer it into the container in which the yoghurt is to be set. A ceramic bowl is best.
Cool the milk to a luke warm temperature-a drop of it on your wrist, should feel neither hot nor cold. The temperature of the milk is important.
Beat the teaspoonful of yoghurt till smooth, add 2 Tbsp milk to it and mix well. Add this to the rest of the milk and stir with a spoon to mix well.
Cover the container and keep in a draught-free place to set.
Do not move the container while the yoghurt is setting.
Once set, place the yoghurt in the refrigerator to chill before serving

Recipes using Yogurt

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