Ali Fazal Shares The 'Sabzi To His Heart' And He Invites Others To Share Such Recipes Too

The actor is a self-confessed foodie and lover of all things home-cooked, and this home-made karela recipe is his new favourite. Check it out!

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: February 05, 2020 13:14 IST

Ali Fazal Shares The 'Sabzi To His Heart' And He Invites Others To Share Such Recipes Too

Ali Fazal reveals his new favourite home-made sabzi, the simple bitter gourd.

When it comes to a delicious butter chicken or a cheesy burger, there will be hordes of people willing to give it a try. But when it comes to some home-style vegetables, there aren't too many takers. How many people actually savour a simple, home-cooked Karela sabzi? People who would be willing to eat it would be few and far flung, let alone those who would actually enjoy it. And as it turns out, actor Ali Fazal is one of them. He shared an Instagram story of a crispy Karela sabzi that is extremely special to him for more reasons than one. Take a look:


Ali Fazal called it, "The sabzi to my heart!" and shared a picture of the interestingly cooked bitter gourd. It was cut up into slices and fried with lots of tomatoes and onions, and garnished with coriander on top. The slices of bitter gourd looked more like chips due to the fried texture. The dish was cooked by the security guard in his building, who Fazal believes, is a 'genius cook'. He loved the dish so much that he did not hesitate to suggest that his security guard was, in fact, in the wrong profession. He is a lover of all things home-cooked and he swears by his ghar ka khana too.


Ali Fazal further prompted people to share their recipes with him, since he was willing to try all kinds of new foods and dishes. He also added that if people knew him closely, they could walk in to his home with the dish itself! The actor is a self-confessed foodie and regularly shares updates from his own kitchen too. Ali Fazal recently cooked some delectable cupcakes, the recipe for which he shared on his Instagram handle.

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The actor made some binge-worthy whole wheat banana cupcakes topped with sea salt and chocolate buttons too! Calling it the simplest recipe, Ali Fazal shared the exact ingredients and method he used to make them. He gave an expert tip saying that it is very important to grease your trays. An additional topping that Fazal felt could add an additional zing was cinnamon.

We hope to see more such glimpses of the actor's foodie side soon!


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