5 Breakfast Recipes That Beginners Can Easily Make

Jul 05, 2022 09:18 IST
Do you struggle with cooking? Fret not, if you do and want to get started with cooking, here we have some beginner based recipes for you to try!
  • 5 Breakfast Recipes That Beginners Can Easily Make

    Cooking is more complicated than it seems to be. One needs to practise and gain knowledge of using ingredients to make something. Although many of us believe that we can easily make anything, but when the time comes to cook it, we might not have an idea where to begin. So, if you also go through the same, fret not. We have put together a list of simple dishes that are quick to prepare!
  • Scrambled Eggs

    Click here for recipe This traditional English dish has become a global favourite! Salt and pepper are added to the beaten and scrambled eggs in butter to make them richer and creamier in flavour.
  • Parfait

    Click here for recipe This simple parfait recipe only needs assembling and offers up a sumptuous breakfast in a jiffy. Once you make this, layer it in a glass with your favourite fruits, Greek or hung yoghurt, and muesli.
  • Avocado Toast

    Click here for recipe All you need to do to prepare this quick meal is toast a piece of bread, add avocado slices, and season it. Avocados are known to have many health benefits. Plus, this recipe only needs five minutes to be prepared.
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    Click here for recipe Nothing is easier to make or more gratifying than a warm, crunchy, and gooey cheese sandwich. One of the go-to quick and easy vegetarian meals with just a few essential ingredients, this recipe is highly popular.
  • Egg In A Hole

    Click here for recipe This dish is for the days when you want to have something simple yet fancy. This dish consists of toast with a fried egg in the middle. Sounds easy, doesn't it?
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