5 Indian Egg Recipes That Always Win Our Hearts

Nov 29, 2023 17:48 IST
Eggs, a staple in our kitchens, offer endless possibilities for creating delicious dishes. A versatile ingredient rich in protein, eggs are an excellent addition to your weight loss journey. From quick omelettes to satisfying sandwiches, one egg can transform into a variety of culinary delights. Here, we present a curated list of egg-based dishes that you must try!
  • Anda Bhurji

    A comfort food enjoyed at any time of the day, Anda Bhurji is a quick and flavorful dish. Prepared by tossing eggs with butter and an array of spices, it pairs well with toasted bread, pav, roti, or paratha. Click here for recipe
  • Egg Dosa

    Enhancing the classic South Indian dosa recipe, Egg Dosa infuses protein richness into this popular street food. Simple to prepare at home, it makes for a healthy and tasty breakfast option. Click here for recipe
  • Egg Roll

    For lovers of street food, the Egg Roll is a quick and satisfying option. A mixture of eggs, milk, curd, and mild spices is cooked like pancakes, allowing you to whip up a tasty egg roll at home in minutes. Pair it with your favourite sauce or green chutney to satisfy your cravings. Click here for recipe
  • Egg Curry

    A timeless classic, Egg Curry offers versatility with numerous versions. Perfect for times when vegetable options are limited, this curry combines boiled eggs with a medley of spices. A tempering of mustard, fenugreek, cumin, and curry leaves completes this delectable dish, ideal when paired with roti or rice. Click here for recipe
  • Egg Paratha

    Impressive with every bite, Egg Paratha stands out among the diverse paratha recipes in India. Loaded with eggs, chillies, onions, and garam masala, this protein-rich paratha is a delightful choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Click here for recipe
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