5 Tasty Masala Omelette Recipes For Anytime Cravings

Jan 03, 2024 18:09 IST
Eggs, our kitchen's trusty sidekick, are the go-to for whipping up a quick and delicious meal. From dinner to lunch, breakfast to snacks, they're the versatile stars of the show. Whether it's egg curry, biryani, rolls, fried eggs, or the classic omelette, eggs always deliver. Packed with protein and essential vitamins like D, K, and A, eggs are the unbeatable champs of breakfast. If you're a fan, we've got 5 spicy egg omelette recipes that blend nutrition with flavors seamlessly.
  • Protein-Packed Chicken Masala Omelette

    A twist on the classic, the Chicken Masala Omelette combines juicy chicken pieces with spices for a protein boost. It's hearty and flavorful and adds a delicious punch to your breakfast. Click here for recipe
  • Mumbai Street Comfort: Masala Omelette Pav

    When hunger strikes, turn to the Masala Omelette Pav from the streets of Mumbai. It's a quick fix that satisfies those sudden cravings. Imagine a spiced-up omelette snugly tucked between butter-toasted ladi pav - an absolute treat for your taste buds. Click here for recipe
  • Garlic Lover's Spicy Kick Omelette

    If you're into the aromatic charm of garlic, the Chili Garlic Omelette is a spicy symphony for your taste buds. Packed with red chili and chili flakes, it's a flavorful celebration without overwhelming your palate. Click here for recipe
  • Goan Adventure: Ros Omelette

    For the adventurous, there's the Ros Omelette, a Goan-inspired creation. Picture a masala omelette swimming in a spicy gravy with onions, coconut milk, curry leaves, mustard seeds, and spices. Served with onions and pav, it's a unique delight. Click here for recipe
  • Classic Veggie Omelette Bliss

    At the top of our list is the Classic Masala Omelette. This gem takes the ordinary and adds a mix of veggies - onion, tomato, coriander, green onion, and a hint of green chili. Throw in some paneer, and you've got an omelette that's as nutritious as it is delicious. Click here for recipe
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