5 Yummy Korean Recipes To Enjoy Midweek

Sep 21, 2022 09:50 IST
South Korean recipes have become famous in the last few years. Here we bring you some recipes to make at home.
  • 5 Yummy Korean Recipes To Enjoy Midweek

    Korean culture has captivated the world. We are binge-watching everything, including K-dramas and popular K-pop music. Korean restaurants can now be found in every major city. And if you also want to get a taste of some yummy Korean delights, here we have some recipes for you to try!
  • Bibimbap

    Click here for recipe Love cooking in one pot? You should give this recipe a try! It is a well-known rice dish in Korea that contains both vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients.
  • Korean Egg

    Click here for recipe This recipe may be your best choice if you want to make a tasty snack without spending a lot of time or effort. It will touch your heart despite being made from relatively simple components like eggs and some spices.
  • Teokbokki

    Click here for recipe This dish combines fish balls, boiled eggs, and scallions with steamed rice cakes. And after that, a fiery gravy composed of tomatoes and peppers is added to all of these items.
  • Kimchi Jiggae

    Click here for recipe Korean-style stew known as kimchi-jjigae contains kimchi, meat, seafood, scallion, onion, and more. It is hearty, hot, and bursts with flavours on your palate
  • Korean Vegetable Pancake

    This pancake dish is a great alternative for a snack because it uses crunchy vegetables, including bell peppers, onions, zucchini, mushrooms, and more.
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