Breakfast Special: 5 Poha Recipes To Make In 5 Minutes

Jan 18, 2022 16:04 IST
Poha is one of our kitchen's most versatile ingredients. We've compiled a list of quick and easy poha-based recipes for you to try.
  • Breakfast Special: 5 Poha Recipes To Make In 5 Minutes

    Think of a quick and easy breakfast recipe, and poha is undoubtedly our go-to option. It's light, healthy and doesn't require a lot of ingredients to make. In fact, you'll notice that each region has its own poha recipe. Whether it is the one made with crunchy potatoes and onions, or the one served with tari on top or even the sweet and plain versions of it- each recipe offers you a new taste. So, to bring you those recipes and to make your work easy in the kitchen, here we have five poha recipes to make in five minutes!
  • Doi Chore

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    Doi chire is a Bengali version of dahi poha made by combining sweet curd (mishti doi), poha, and fresh fruits. To make the dish even more flavorful, you can add sugar candies, sweets, and so on. You should surely try this dish!
  • Doodh Poha

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    It's a one-pot meal made with milk, poha, dry fruits, and sugar, and it's one of the easiest recipes. Jaggery, coconut sugar, or honey can be used in place of sugar.
  • Poha Ladoo

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    A poha ladoo may sound a bit offbeat, but it is all things delicious. With just a handful of poha, jaggery and dry fruits, this yummy delight will be ready in no time.
  • Gur Poha

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    Gur poha, also known as jaggery aval in South India, is a delicious winter treat. This poha is a one-pot meal made with jaggery, coconut, and soaked flattened rice, similar to porridge!
  • Dahi Poha

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    Here's a great alternative for those who don't drink milk first thing in the morning. Try dahi poha, a mix of poha, dahi, jaggery, and other ingredients. You can also use murmura instead of poha in this recipe.
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