These 5 Recipes Can Help You Fight Cold And Cough

The peak winter season is when most of us fall sick. These recipes can help you to soothe your symptoms and give you much-needed relief.
  • These 5 Recipes Can Help You Fight Cold And Cough

    The cold wave has taken over, and till now, most of us have fallen prey to the seasonal cold and cough. As we take different medications, try out home remedies and whatnot, did you know that there are certain recipes that can help soothe your symptoms?! Coming from our grandparents' kitchen, these recipes have been used for a long time when anyone gets sick. So, to introduce you to them, we have a list of such recipes that can help you manage common illnesses like cold and cough. Check them below:
  • Haldi Doodh

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    Turmeric is well-known for its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, which help to boost our immunity. Health expert Dr. BN Sinha recommends drinking a glass of milk with turmeric twice a day.
  • Besan Ka Sheera

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    Besan Ka Sheera is a healing dish made with besan, ghee, milk, turmeric, and black pepper that originated in Punjab. It's a warming beverage that soothes the throat and nose. "Ginger, kali mirchi, turmeric, and other components can aid in the strength of our bodies and increase immunity," says Dr Balwant Mardia of 2S Wellness Center in Jodhpur.
  • Honey Cough Drops

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    This cough drop is made with the healing properties of ginger, honey, and lemon. The health benefits of these three ingredients are well-known. Honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties in great abundance. According to a 2012 study published in the Journal ?Pediatrics', honey aids in treating chronic cough.
  • Carrot Soup

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    Carrots are well-known for their ability to improve our vision, but that's not all. Carrots aid in the production of vitamin A, which helps in preventing infection and lowers the risk of respiratory illnesses. The body is soothed by the warmth of a hot bowl of soup. As a result, carrot soup may aid in the body's fight against the flu
  • Tulsi Kadha

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    Tulsi and haldi, which are used in kadha, are known for their immunity-boosting properties. Consultant Nutritionist Rupali Dutta suggests the use of tulsi as a home remedy when you feel sick
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