These 5 Street-Style Recipes Go Perfectly With Tea

Looking for some delicious snacks to have with your evening tea? Check out these street style recipes!
  • These 5 Street-Style Recipes Go Perfectly With Tea

    There's something so soothing about that evening cup of tea that makes all our worries fade away. However, if you're still seeking new ways to spice up your tea-time session, we've got you covered. Today, we've got some delicious street-style snack dishes for you to enjoy with your chai. Check out the recipes below:
  • Vada Pao

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    The popular vada pao from Mumbai has made a name for itself across the country. The delicious fried aloo mash sandwiched between two ladi buns is truly exquisite. You can make it at home quickly and easily and serve it with tea.
  • Khasta Kachori

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    A kachori is a perfect snack for any occasion! Masala dal, pyaaz, or even aloo can be used to fill it. Kachori, in any form, is always a pleasure to eat. And believe us when we say that this delicious snack combined with a cup of chai will leave you feeling out of this world!
  • Dhokla

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    This famous Gujarati snack can be eaten at any time of the day. Here we bring you an easy-to-make recipe. With this simple and quick process, a batter will be ready quickly. Steam it, and serve it with chutney and tempered curry leaves to get the most out of it.
  • Achari Mathri

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    We have this achari mathri recipe for individuals who enjoy spicy cuisine. This meal contains hing, amchoor powder, jeera, chilli flakes, and other spices. Enjoy this crunchy mathri with your evening tea!
  • Vegetable Cutlet

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    You may either cut fresh vegetables or use leftover vegetables from your fridge to prepare this. To make these wonderful cutlets, simply blend them with potatoes and masala and fry them to savour.
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