Watch: Recipe Of Masala (Achari) Mathri That Will Replace All Other Snacks At Home

Neha Grover  |  Updated: May 21, 2019 18:21 IST

Watch: Recipe Of Masala (Achari) Mathri That Will Replace All Other Snacks At Home

Indian snack recipe: masala mathri

  • Mathri is an age-old snack that is a traditional Rajasthani food
  • Masala mathri or achari mathri is a spicier and tangier version
  • The recipe of masala mathri is very easy to follow

Mathri is an age-old snack that is essentially a traditional Rajasthani food but is poplar all over India, especially the northern part. It is a crispy, flaky biscuit made of flour, water and spices like cumin seeds, turmeric and black peppercorn. Mathri is one of the most versatile foods that can be had with a curry, dry sabzi, chutney or pickle. It works best with a hot cup of tea in the evening or as an appetiser before dinner. It is a great travelling food as it stays fresh for a long period of time and can be carried easily and eaten anytime, anywhere, without any mess. Just pack some pickle or chutney with mathris and you have a fulfilling and delicious meal ready in your bag.

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Mathri can be made with any flour of your choice - maida, wheat flour or semolina. A host of versions of mathri can prepared to suit individual taste preferences. You can add methi leaves or some other herb or vegetable to create your own mathri. Here, we will teach you to make masala mathri or achari mathri, a spicier and tangier version of regular mathri. Another surprise coming your way is use of mango fruit in the recipe. Excited already?

This interesting recipe of masala mathri or achari mathri has been shared by food vlogger, Manjula Jain, on her You Tube channel 'Manjula's Kitchen'. Watch and learn.

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Masala Mathri (Achari Mathri) Recipe -


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What you'll love about this masala mathri is that you won't even have to carry any accompaniment like pickle or chutney to have with this mathri. This mathri is so flavourful and so soft that it is a complete dish in itself. Prepare this mathri and store for as long as a month to savour this snack every evening with your tea.


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