Weekend Special: 5 Veg Roll Recipes To Try

Sep 16, 2022 09:56 IST
Rolls are a delightful street food to enjoy. Here we bring you five yummy veg roll recipes to try.
  • Weekend Special: 5 Veg Roll Recipes To Try

    Friday is here, and we can't wait to enjoy the weekend. While some of us enjoy having food outside, others prefer to cook up a storm at home. And if you also like doing that, we have something for you! Here we bring you some delicious veg roll recipes to try over the weekend.
  • Chaap Roll

    This dish is ideal for you if you want to experience the taste of the tandoor. This dish calls for marinating soya chunks in tangy and hot spices before grilling them until they are soft.
  • Mushroom Rolls

    Click here for recipe It is well known that mushrooms have a high nutritious value and few calories. In light of this, we present a recipe for a mushroom aloo roll that you can prepare this weekend to enjoy the deliciousness of mushrooms.
  • Paneer Tikka Roll

    This recipe is one you have to try if you enjoy paneer. After being marinated in a mixture of spices, paneer chunks are cooked to perfection. After that, it is wrapped in flaky parathas.
  • Soji Spring Roll

    Click here for recipe This heartwarming roll is made with sooji, nutritious and healthful semolina, and stuffed with crisp vegetables. Do try this with a dip.
  • Poh Pia Je

    Last but not least, this recipe for crispy rolls makes a delectable evening snack. It goes well with schezwan or any other favourite dip! In Southeast Asia, this recipe for rolls is well-known
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