Weekend Special: Savour The Flavours Of Garlic In These 5 Snacks

Jun 10, 2022 09:20 IST
This weekend, its time to try out some new and delicious snacks! Check out these yummy recipes!
  • Weekend Special: Savour The Flavours Of Garlic In These 5 Snacks

    Garlic is one of those things that, no matter how much we add to our dishes, it always seems less. We love that sharp flavour, and the aroma that it adds to our meals. While we certainly can't get enough of it, how about you make some special garlic snacks to get more of that taste?! This weekend, ditch the regular dishes and make these delightful garlic snacks.
  • Chilli Garlic Potato Bites

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    If you enjoy a tasty potato snack, we have a popular recipe for chilli garlic potato nibbles for you! These fiery and strong chilli garlic potato nibbles, flavoured with roasted garlic, are a great recipe for any occasion.
  • Roti Garlic Bites

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    All you have to do to make this simple snack dish is cut the rotis into little triangular pieces and top them with a garlic and spice mixture. Then simply bake till crisp and serve. Isn't it simple to make?
  • Garlic Bread

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    Garlic bread is a classic Italian snack that people of all ages enjoy. It is the go-to snack for practically any party occasion. Garlic bread, spread with garlic butter and topped with cheese, is simply yummy!
  • Chana Garlic Fry

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    Chana Garlic Fry is a tasty appetiser that is commonly seen at dhabas and highway restaurants. It's peppered with garlic and other masalas, and it's packed with flavour. This chana garlic fry is, without a doubt, the ideal desi snack.
  • Garlic Chips

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    These chips are usually produced with only garlic and sun-dried for at least five days. This method speeds up the procedure and gives you garlic chips in minutes! Simply cut the garlic cloves, set them on a baking tray, season with salt, and roast them in the oven.
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