Arsa Recipe

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How To Make Arsa

About Arsa Recipe: A sweet dish famous in the Garhwal and Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand, Arsa is an integral part of “Kaleo” – a return gift on any auspicious ceremony in any household of this region. A 3-ingredient dish, it has a long shelf-life and can be your go-to snack for sugar cravings!

Ingredients of Arsa

  • 400 gms rice
  • 300 gms cane sugar
  • 600 ml mustard oil
  • Water (as required)

How to Make Arsa

  • 1.Absorb the rice loaded with water for no less than 6 hours. Subsequent to splashing for 4 hours, deplete out the water and strain the rice in a muslin fabric. Tie rice in the material tightly. Hold up till the rice starch drips away.
  • 2.Take a mixer or food blender and crush rice to a smooth powder. Take a skillet, keep it on medium fire, add water and unadulterated sweetener to the container and heat to boiling point. Cook till it has a string like consistency.
  • 3.Now combine rice with the cane sugar syrup and prepare dough.
  • 4.From the dough, make small balls and roll them out in the shape of doughnuts.
  • 5.Take an iron kadhai, heat oil in it on medium flame and deep fry the rolls in it one by one till golden brown. Transfer on to a plate and serve hot or at room temperature.
Key Ingredients: rice, cane sugar, mustard oil, Water (as required)