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  • In Georgia's Music Capital, the Food Starts to Find its Rhythm

    There are eccentric public monuments in Athens: Athena, goddess of wisdom, stands tall on North Thomas Street; a 4,000-pound anchor has landed in the middle of Broad Street; and a Civil War-era double-barreled cannon sits ...

  • Soon, a Band on Your Hand Can Tell You to Stop Eating!

    Soon, a band on your hand may tell you when to pull your hand away from the plate. Scientists at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, are working on ideas to change the way young people ...

  • How Greek Food is Similar to Indian Cuisine

    Food in Athens with some complicated names for dishes may sound Greek! But even a die-hard Indian-food buff, wanting dal-vegetable-roti-rice on the plate each day, will find the fare in Greece quite welcome, both to ...

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