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  • Fruit Marshmallow

    About Fruit Marshmallow Recipe: Impress the kids with this delightful snack. Marshmallow is a candy that no kid can ever refuse and so much better when made with fruit essence and at home! A quick ...

  • Marshmallows

    Who doesn't love marshmallows? Make this childhood favorite at home! Marshmallows are confections made with gelatine, corn syrup and sugar.

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  • What Will Astronauts Eat on Mars? Researchers Come up With Recipes

    Six researchers have spent the past four months living in a small dome on a barren Hawaii lava field at 8,000 feet (2,400 meters), trying to figure out what foods astronauts might eat on Mars ...

  • New Project to Grow Lettuce on Mars

    A student team in the UK plans to grow lettuce on Mars by 2018 using the atmosphere and sunlight on the red planet.

  • In Defence of the Deep-Fried Mars Bar

    A fish and chip shop in Aberdeenshire has been asked to pull down a banner declaring it the birthplace of the infamous battered snack. Should Stonehaven instead take pride in its famous culinary contribution?

  • Now, Eggless Snickers for Veggies

    Keeping in mind the number of vegetarians, chocolate and confectionery maker Mars International has launched chocolate brand Snickers in an eggless variant.Mars has set-up a new assembly line to manufacture the new vegetarian Snickers to ...

  • Third Lettuce Crop Planted on Space Station

    Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have started planting their third on-orbit crop of red romaine lettuce, NASA said.

  • Peruvian chef talks cuisine, future of food

    He has been called the unofficial ambassador of Peruvian cuisine, but chef Gaston Acurio prefers to share that title with his fellow countrymen."For us as Peruvians, we feel that we represent the culture all over ...

  • Astronauts More Prone to Heart Problems

    Astronauts' hearts grow rounder while they are in space, suggesting that spending lots of time in microgravity could lead to heart problems, according to US research on Saturday. That could mean trouble for people who ...

  • What's Next? Potatoes to be Grown on Earth in Mars-like Conditions

    The goal is to raise awareness of the incredible resilience of potatoes, and fund further research and farming in devastated areas across the globe where malnutrition and poverty are rife and climbing, researchers said.

  • Plastic in Snickers Bar Prompts Mars Recall in 55 Countries

    Mars Inc has recalled chocolate bars and other products in 55 countries, mainly in Europe, due to choking risk after a piece of plastic was found in a Snickers bar in Germany.

  • Mars Chocolate Bar Recall and Other Famous Precedents

    The international recall of millions of Dutch-made chocolate bars by US chocolate giant Mars is just the latest high-profile case of a major food brand being pulled due to a health scare.

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