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  • Soda Bread

    An easy to make homemade soda bread, also known as Irish soda bread. Usually has a hard outer crust but is nice and soft inside. Healthier than the usual breads as it is made with ...

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  • Irish Soda Bread, An Old Treat Is Reborn

    I have no family recipe for soda bread, but I've made a beautiful mutt loaf that highlights my kitchen affinities.

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Old-Fashioned

    Felicity Cloake discovers that what's old to some can feel fresh and new - such as spicy carrot pudding or buttered oranges.One of the things I love about your recipes is the different perspective they ...

  • Buttermilk Recipes: The Big Tang Theory

    Put on your lab coats there's mad science at work in this weeks bakes. Acidic buttermilk reacts with bicarbonate of soda to form a quick, sweet-and-sour dough perfect for honey-glazed doughnuts and blueberry soda ...

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