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Sweet Potato Medallions

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Sweet Potato Medallions

Sweet Potato Medallions


:Vicky Ratnani

Recipe Cook Time

:30 Minutes

Sweet potato medallions marinated in a date and tamarind chutney and pan seared. Served with a rich spring onion cream.


  • 2 medium sized sweet potatoes

    Salt and pepper to taste

    1 Tbsp date and tamarind chutney

    1 tsp rice flour  

    1-2 Tbsp olive oil to pan fry the sweet potato medallions

    For the Spring Onion Cream:

    100 ml cream

    100 ml milk

    30 gm spring onion batons

    Salt and pepper to taste

    A pinch nutmeg


Wash and pat dry the sweet potatoes. Season to taste with salt, pepper and olive oil and bake in an oven for about 15 to 20 minutes.

When cool enough to handle, slice into thick medallions.

Cool and then marinate with the date and tamarind chutney. Dust in rice flour and pan sear in a hot pan to a golden brown.

For the Spring Onion Cream:

Simmer the milk and cream along with spring onions and reduce by half.

Season to taste, transfer in a hand blender add the greens of the scallion and blend to get a gorgeous green scallion flavored sauce

Key Ingredients: sweet potatoes, salt, black pepper, dates, rice flour, tamarind, olive oil, cream, condensed milk, spring onion, black papper, nutmeg

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