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    • FDA Approves Drug Said to Cut Death Risk in Heart Patients by 20 Percent

      The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new heart failure drug that has been shown to reduce death and hospitalizations from the condition.

    • Doctors Seek Test for Deploying New Life-Extending Cancer

      New drugs that boost the immune systems ability to fight tumors may be one of the greatest medical advances in years, cancer doctors say, pulling some patients from deaths door and keeping them in remission for years.

    • Vitamin B3 Reduces Risks of Some Types of Skin Cancer

      An inexpensive vitamin can help reduce the occurrence of common skin cancers in people prone to that disease, researchers reported.

    • Celiac Disease's Prominence Has Drugmakers Racing to Find Treatments

      Pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop the first drugs for celiac disease, which researchers say is much more common than previously thought.

    • As Breast Milk Becomes an Industry, Worries Vie With Hopes

      Amaya, who lives in Miami, has made more than $2,000 so far by pumping breast milk and selling what is left over after feeding her baby daughter.

    • Gene-Altered Apples and Potatoes Are Safe, FDA Says

      The Food and Drug Administration said Friday that genetically engineered nonbrowning apples and bruise-resistant potatoes were as safe and nutritious as their conventional counterparts.

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