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    • Pasta Salad Perfection For Your Lunch Box | The Lunch Box

      Pack pasta for lunch in the morning, and add a bit of flavour and texture - but don't chill - for a deliciously different lunchWhen you hear the words "pasta salad", it's hard not to think of those little tubs at the supermarket, bound in ...

    • The COOK Packed Lunch Guide | Cook

      Packed lunches will never be boring again. From soups, stews and curries, to flatbreads and dips, this Cook special offers quick, affordable and adaptable ideas for delicious and portable meals to take to the office, or to send your kids to school with.BREADS...

    • A Packed Lunch Full of Beans | The Lunch Box

      Beanz meanz better lunchtimes with these quick-to-pack, flexible protein-filled staplesThe packed-lunching world can be divided into two segments: those who batch-cook a kilo of pasta salad on a Sunday evening, chewed with ever-decreasing enthusiasm...

    • A Quick and Easy Noodle Salad for Lunch | The lunch box

      In the first of our new series featuring easy, quick and inspiring ways you can to reclaim your lunch hour, here are some great suggestions for dried noodles...Sometimes it feels like the world is divided into perky early risers who could probably knock...

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