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    • Could Caffeine Help You Run Better?

      Caffeine has various hidden athletic benefits - so much so that many of the worlds leading distance runners include it as a vital part of their pre-race preparations.

    • Long Working Hours May Increase Risk of Alcohol Abuse

      A new study explores the correlation between working too much and excess alcohol - but equally important is how well integrated you are in the workplace and the pattern of your working hours.

    • The Secret Powers of Chocolate Milk

      Mo Farah drinks it, scientific studies recommend it, and a round-the-world athlete swears by it - could chocolate milk drink be a runner's best friend?Compared to other drinks, chocolate milk has has double the carbohydrate and protein content, perfect...

    • How does alcohol affect your athletic performance?

      The odd drink won't send you off course, but any more than that and it's one step forward, two steps backWhen preparing for a big race like a marathon, it's easy to see alcohol as something of a comfort blanket, especially after a hard evening's ...

    • Can't stomach seven portions of fruit and veg a day? Science could help

      The volatile compounds that make strawberries so delicious could one day make bitter vegetables a little more palatableFor many Britons, forcing down the recommended five daily portions of fruit and veg already presents a challenge. Then on Tuesday came...

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