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    • Plate Spinning: The Smart Chef's Secret Ingredient

      Food that's pointing in a particular direction is more appealing - which is why restaurants can charge you extra for it.

    • Gluten-Free: Health Fad or Life-Saving Diet?

      Up to a third of American adults are now avoiding gluten, and numbers in Britain are growing rapidly: gluten-free sales are soaring. But is it really our dietary enemy - or, as Jennifer Lawrence thinks, just the 'new cool eating disorder'?

    • Luxury food shortage scares - should we believe the warnings?

      Alarming reports about our favourite treats - including chocolate, wine and prawns - are on the rise. So what is the truth behind the panic?Rarely a week goes by without some whipped-up panic about a food shortage that will threaten our cherished luxuries....

    • Can a Fruitarian Diet Land You in Hospital?

      Ashton Kutcher says he was 'doubled over in pain' because of his fruit-only diet. So what is the truth about fruitarianism? For anyone who thinks fruit is only dangerous if it falls on your head, Ashton Kutcher has revealed a hitherto unknown peril. Kutcher,...

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