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    • McDonald's Turns 'Progressive'

      You could almost feel sorry for McDonald's. That's an odd sentiment when you consider that the company's revenues in 2014 were $27.4 billion and its stock price makes it worth something like $92 billion.

    • The Issues Surrounding Genetically Modified Foods

      Issues surrounding GMOs became more complicated last week when the International Agency for Research on Cancer declared that glyphosate, the active ingredient in the widely used herbicide probably causes cancer in humans.

    • A Twist Adds Complexity to a Pasta Dish

      To me it's the best pasta dish of fall: those late nightshades, eggplant and tomato, cooked until meltingly tender, sweet and bitter at the same time, with plenty of anise-y basil and salt in the form of grated or small-diced ricotta salata.For whatever...

    • Giving Tofu the New Look It Deserves

      It's not likely that tofu will become anyone's favorite food; this we know. Those who grew up in households where it was well prepared may relish it, but for the rest of us it's a bit of a requisite, something we think we "should" eat ...

    • Thai noodles, quite accommodating

      In the last 20 years or so, pad Thai has gone from being virtually unknown in this country to being a restaurant and takeout staple. It's easy to see why: The tangy, crunchy, slightly sweet noodle dish is irresistible. But it's difficult to understand...

    • Dessert or Cocktail? A Sophisticated Slushy

      There are three things I love about this cocktail: It has gin in it (always a good thing), it takes less than a minute to make (ditto) and it doubles as dessert. What's not to love?This concoction feels granitalike to me, granita being - as ...

    • Thinking Inside the Bag

      There are few brown-baggers in the building where I work. This is not because the food in the neighborhood is so great (it isn't), or because the cafeteria is Google-like (it isn't), but because many people are either "too busy" or too embarrassed to...

    • A Different Shade of Risotto

      As more varieties and better qualities of brown rice become increasingly common, it's growing clear that you can do pretty much anything you want with this less processed version of the world's second-most-popular grain. (You guessed it: Corn is numero...

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