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    • Exclusive: NDTV Visits Kolkata's Peter Cat - Named One Of The Most Legendary Restaurants In The World

      Peter Cat restaurant was listed among the 150 most legendary restaurants in the world by Taste Atlas.

    • How Summer Impacts Diabetics And Simple Measures That Can Help

      Diabetes may get worse in the summer. See what could happen and how to prevent it.

    • Why Is Your Metabolism Slow? You Could Be Making These Common Mistakes

      Weight loss is difficult with a slow metabolism. These common diet mistakes can slow down your metabolism.

    • Uorfi Javed Alleges Restaurant Refused Her Entry Over "Fashion Choices"

      Uorfi Javed also shared about the incident on her Instagram stories and blamed the restaurant for treating her differently.

    • Exclusive Preview Of Air India's New In-Flight Menu

      Air India has launched refreshed menus for all domestic and international flights.

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