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    • Do We Worry Too Much About What We Eat?

      Nut-free schools, gluten-free diets, careful with the carbs: anxiety around food is on the rise, and it's not easy to sort the myth from the medical advice.

    • It's Baking Me Mad. Why it's Time to Call a Halt to This Latest Food Fetishism

      The nation has gone cake crazy - from the adulation for Mary Berry to rows over foodie mashups. Perhaps it's all gone a little too far ...Just in time for national baking week - and just when you thought the whole "gate" thing couldn't get ...

    • My Family Christmas: Chaos, Excess and Gourmet Excellence Gone Wrong

      Every year I vow Christmas will be different this time. And every year I end up covered in icing sugar and reheated jam, crying. But secretly happy.For some people Christmas is a time for family, relaxation and calm. Not in this house. Here Christmas...

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